Homestead Designs

With our Homestead Design Package, we match your vision and personal strengths to your property's potential. We provide a clearly communicated conceptual design along with a list of your highest priorities for development over the next 3-5 years.

Everything You Need To Build A Thriving Homestead


  • Clear vision, values and personal resources 
  • In-depth property resources diagnosis
  • Geography and climate diagnosis
  • Advanced mapping and/or LiDAR
  • Google Earth (KMZ) files
  • Digital and physical copies of your design
  • Key Principles Guides for the elements in your design.
  • Private video consultations
  • Follow-up support consultations included


Our 5 Step Design Process


We use a 5-Step Design Process to help farmers and homesteaders design and develop their property based on their personal goals and objectives. This 5-Steps include: Clarify, Diagnose, Design, Implement, and Monitor. Each of these steps are outlined below. For further information on the 5-Step Design Process, check out Takota’s Book “Building Your Permaculture Property” available on Amazon. 

Step 1: Clarify

The Clarify stage aims to filter down the infinite possibilities on a property by clearly defining our Client’s vision, values and resources. We help our clients outline what you want, what you have, and what is right. We select a list of the elements our Clients would like to include in their design (chickens, milk cows, food forest, etc.)

Step 2: Diagnose

The Diagnosis stage of our process builds from the vision, values and resources to gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of each property. This stage is extremely important and often overlooked by most people when designing their property.

Step 3: Design

The design stage is broken into 2 parts; Phased Concept Design and Detailed Design. Our Homestead Design Packages end with the placement and thoughtful integrations of all elements on your property. We answer the questions; What, Where, and Why. For clients in the Detailed Design stage, we offer hourly consulting to support you through the final stages where you can answer the questions; Who, How, and When as these depend entirely on each client's unique skills, resources and time preference. Takota is a Red Seal Carpenter and Kevin is a Certified Landscape Architect and together, our team is able to communicate with any builder or local contractor to help solve any challenges you may face in the detailed design stage.

Step 4: Implement 

The Implementation stage of the process is the most exciting! This stage is best completed by the client and/ or local contractors. We share a number of resources to support our clients as part of the Homestead Design Package and we hourly guidance and consulting retainer options to our clients and their contractors/ managers. 

Step 5: Monitor 

The Monitor stage of the process is constant and lasts a lifetime. It is important to monitor your life for well-being and suffering. We share a number of resources to support our clients in the Monitor stage, and we are always available for hourly consulting to clients in every stage of the process.

Our Key Principles Guides...


We provide our Design and Consulting clients with the foundational principles to understand the What, Where and Why of each element. With principles first, our clients can focus on the details needed to be successful in their context, saving hundreds of hours of research and consulting time.


Our Homestead Design clients...


We have worked with a wide range of clients from many different contexts throughout North America and around the world. We have designed Homesteads as small as a few acres and ranches as large as 30,000+ acres. 

Here is what some of our past Homestead Design clients have to say about us: 


Chad & Stacey Annis

200 Acre Farm

Peacham, Vermont USA


“It’s great to have a good idea that turns into a dream …but how does one turn a dream into reality?  Especially one as complex as becoming a Regenerative/Adaptive farmer. All the 100’s of decisions around fencing, water, land use, animals, crops/veggies, marketing, etc. Not to mention when and how to pay for it all.  
We, like most, started our journey by learning from the credible voices online who have “been there/done that” and who took the time to share their failures and successes. Without a doubt the most credible voice we found was Takota and his team at Building Your Homestead. They offered the widest array of advice and services with a simple step-by-step discovery approach that gave us the confidence to move our dream from simple thoughts in our head to an actual plan that was easy to understand and execute.  
With their help we now have animals, infrastructure and so much enthusiasm that we CAN DO THIS! We now have more energy + ideas than time to work them all into reality. 
It will take time but with BYH’s help and encouragement we have our 3-5 year roadmap …and even a clear vision for what our lives will be like in 10 years as we get back to the land and discover a more rewarding life. We couldn’t imagine being this far along with so few “uh-oh’s” if we hadn’t made the decision to leverage the practical, easy to follow advice Takota has poured in his business. Chris and Kevin are stellar additions to his team …if you get the chance to hire them — Do it!  You won’t regret it.

Rita Reich & Brennan Wierzba

480 Acre Cattle Ranch

Camrose County, Alberta


"Takota, Chris and Kevin are a perfect team, bringing years of practical experience, dedicated research and technical proficiency. There is an art and a science to designing a functioning farm or homestead and a necessary sensitivity to the goals of the land owners and the ecology of the land itself.  Their passion and proficiency in this were evident throughout the whole process of working with them and the insights and resources they provided are invaluable."

480 Acre Nature Retreat

East Kootenays, British Columbia


"Takota and his team listened carefully to our ideas, then confirmed that their understanding of our vision was correct (an often overlooked step among consultants).  Then they travelled to our remote site and spent two very long days assessing, ideating, and weighing every detail.  A few weeks later, the permaculture plan arrived ...and it blew us away!  It has more care and detail than we expected.  For example, he presented 3 phases/options, any of which could be skipped or completed in the future.  He thought of 100 things that we didn't. 

We're implementing phase one this Spring, and team Takota continues to guide us through implementation.  One key for my wife and I is Takota is straight up.  If he doesn't know something he tells you that he will do further research rather than giving us an answer that makes him look good.  We're really having fun with this project and we can tell Takota and team are also getting a kick out of it."